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For years Producer/Director Charlie Puritano has been creating award-winning programs for Fortune 500 clients like Bechtel, IBM, Fannie Mae, Newsweek and The Washington Post.  He has produced news releases for broadcast television networks that have been seen by millions of TV viewers worldwide. Known for his edgy and stylish directing, Puritano also brings a wry wit to his productions. A published cartoonist and illustrator, Puritano often uses his own storyboards to map out every shot of the programs he directs. As a video professional, Puritano remains actively involved in the production community. He is a past president of the Washington DC Chapter of the International Television Association. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Charlie Puritano has won numerous production awards, including the Emmy, the National Communicator, Tellys and the IITVA Award of Excellence.








As a director for both narrative and commercial projects, Sallie is passionate about storytelling and communicating with style. Having leant her skills to innumerable projects over the past 15 years, she approaches film production with both big-picture perspective and an eye for crucial detail. As a trained actor, she is known for her ability to create a comfortable environment for everyone from first-time on-camera interviewees to seasoned pros.

Sallie is a Cum Laude graduate of VCUarts, where she majored in Photo and Film, and secured both the Art Foundation Award of Excellence and the honor of "Best in Show" at the VCU Student Film Festival.



Andrew is a NOVA native from Richmond, Virginia where he studied marketing and brand management at Virginia Commonwealth University. It was there where he found a fascination with the power of digital storytelling and his passion for growing digital footprints. While in Richmond, Andrew worked as both a journalist for RVA Magazine and a digital content marketer for KCM, a leading content company in real estate education. He worked to better humanize the company’s brand by developing a social media content generation framework and evergreen video marketing strategies.




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Raised just miles from PMG, Nate is a James Madison graduate with a background in digital communications who uses his technical writing skills to develop immersive company narratives that build authority and generate engagement. As a PR guru, Nate is able to establish seamless corporate identities through optimized web content that cuts through the noise of a crowded marketplace. His mission is to deliver your message while maintaining your company voice across a number of different social channels. 


Maya's solid experiential foundation in film production comes from working on everything from music videos to features, and performing in a variety of different roles. Among other departments, Maya's professional experience lies in producing, ADing, script supervision, ACing, gripping, DITing, editing, and PAing. She is capable of wearing many different hats throughout the pre-production, production, and post-production process. She is excited to contribute her broad range of experience to PMG projects. 



After graduating from George Mason University with a degree in Film and Video studies, Luke Persian entered into the fast paced world of film and television production.  Aiding projects such as “America’s Got Talent”, Bravo’s “Life After Top Chef”, and John Legend’s “What’s Going On Now” campaign with The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  A vital asset to the company, Luke now serves as PMG’s Lead Video Editor/Producer, where his passion for post production ties into PMG’s most important focus… to craft engaging stories.





Aileen brings 10 years of project management experience to the PMG team. She has led project teams at McAfee and Intel Corporation. Prior to that, she held several roles in the business affairs office at Public Broadcasting Service. Heeding the call of her creative side, she now applies her organizational skills and experience as PMG's Production Manager, coordinating production logistics and serving as liaison to clients and partners.



Hollywood Magic in Little Occoquan


The quaint city of Occoquan is one of Northern Virginia’s best kept secrets. However, unbeknownst to most tourists and locals, this historic town is home to an Emmy-awarded full service production studio, crafting silver-screen-worthy videos right under their noses.


Puritano Media Group, nestled in a revamped Occoquan landmark, has been creating productions for Fortune 500 clients, private firms, and federal agencies since 1996, engaging viewers around the world and winning distinguished awards and accolades. Proudly fitted with multiple editing suites and the industry’s most cutting edge resources and equipment, PMG is dedicated to composing video and film projects large and small, founded and helmed by seasoned film industry pro Charlie Puritano. Charlie, since getting his start in the ever-competitive music video industry and working with acclaimed bands including “The Pietasters”, has leant his talents to countless high profile projects including “Forrest Gump”, which has sent him traveling the globe. Charlie’s decades of production experience shine through the programs created at PMG where a focus on high production value is always at the forefront. 


In the film and video industry, the technological landscape is ever changing, and being able to continuously adapt to innovation and current standards is a must to only survive, but to succeed. Puritano Media Group prides itself on staying ahead of the game, and continuing to deliver high caliber productions to clients local and international. At PMG, “Imagine. Create. Inspire.” is our motto, and that vision echoes in the cinematic work we create, translating the passion and identity of our clients. 


In the sleepy town of Occoquan, this hidden gem will keep up the award-winning work with our simple recipe for success: “Imagine. Create. Inspire.” Hollywood movie magic, right in our own backyard.   



Puritano Media Group, Inc.

309 Mill Street  Suite 115

Occoquan VA 22125

Tel: (703) 490-0040