Why Your Business Should Invest in Video Production

Last year, video was the #1 choice of media used in content strategy. In that same vein, 54% of individuals want to see more video content from businesses. These statistics show that film and video content aren’t just efficient, there’s actually a demand for them because the space is growing at an incredible speed. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on most video production, making quality content scarce in a more narrow market. Communicating your business and brand story will make you a frontrunner in your space. This type of content allows your customers to build relationships with you and understand your value proposition. Videos bring a personal touch that images and text j

4 Ways to Make High-Quality Videos While Social Distancing

You’re a company that is determined to stay afloat during this pandemic - but you feel like your customers haven’t heard from you in a while. As a small business or association, you need rich media content to keep your customers/members/audience engaged - but how do you do that when everyone is working from home and your video production company has shut down production? It’s a crazy irony - screen time is at an all-time high and your audience’s appetite for new video content is skyrocketing, while production has simultaneously halted as social distancing guidelines constrict video-making nationwide! This is why we have come up with four ways you can still make high-quality video, while in

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