10 Ways to Engage Your Customers with Video

...and successfully captivate potential customers at every step of your marketing plan


Here are ten unique types of video we have recently created for our clients.  Now you can draw in customers with unique videos that work for your brand, entertain and educate, highlight products, and tell your success stories.


Your Mission Film

Create a video that shares your values, mission, and what makes your brand unique.


You're the expert - create a video that answers potential questions and offers your audience more information.

Documentary - Tell Your Story

Storytelling used in content marketing is always effective - create a documentary-style film to highlight an aspect of your brand, your product, or your process.


Bite-sized Entertainment

Think VIRAL:  Instagram, or Snapchat - create a short video that will engage your audience and wow them.


Email Videos

Embed a video into your next marketing email, and stand out from the crowd.


Products in Action

Create a video displaying enticing product use - even a short, attractive clip of using a product works wonders.



Highlight a success story by creating a testimonial-style video, and build customer trust and loyalty.


About Us

Give your audience a more in-depth look at your company from the inside out - perhaps tell a personal story of one of your team. People love a look behind the scenes.



Turn what could be dull FAQ page into a series of videos aligned with your branding and point of view, answering your customers' questions in an engaging way.


“Faces of Strength”  Everyday Heroes of the ARMY Family

Client: ARMY

Production Objective: Create a series of stories highlighting the courageous members of the ARMY Family.  Videos were shot on location at bases around the globe.

Intended Audience:  Everyone

Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne)

Jody Porter - "Pacifier” Album teaser video, EPK (electronic press kit), branding & album design.  

Client: Jody Porter and the Berlin Waltz

Production Objective: Produce brand-cohesive short video promoting upcoming album, press kit and album design

Intended Audience:  Everyone

Bechtel: Heavy Haul

“Heavy Haul” Documenting an Engineering Feat

Client: Bechtel and Engineering Partners

Production Objective: A video documenting the tremendous engineering feats that Bechtel professionals manage every day

Intended Audience: Design/Build professionals as well as community members and business partners

Washington Building Congress - Craftsmanship Awards and Hall of Fame Induction

Client: Washington Building Congress

Production Objective: Produce and run series of videos, graphics, and awards presentation for the Craftsmanship Awards and Hall of Fame Induction

Intended Audience:  WBC Craftsmanship Awards attendees

Cayman Islands Board Of Tourism

"International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame" Annual Awards Ceremony and Bio Stories

Production Objective: A documentary series about the legends of the Scuba Diving world.  Using archival footage and interviews to explore the icons of the diving world.

Intended Audience: Museum goers, tourists and general public


“How I Practice” Professional Education Series

Client: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 

Production Objective: Create a series of videos, accessible online, where doctors share best medical practices in order to help disseminate effective means of treatment for various conditions and situations.

Intended Audience: OB/GYN doctors


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