“Faces of Strength”  Everyday Heroes of the ARMY Family

Client: ARMY

Production Objective: Create a series of stories highlighting the courageous members of the ARMY Family.  Videos were shot on location at bases around the globe.

Intended Audience:  Everyone

Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne)

Jody Porter - "Pacifier” Album teaser video, EPK (electronic press kit), branding & album design.  

Client: Jody Porter and the Berlin Waltz

Production Objective: Produce brand-cohesive short video promoting upcoming album, press kit and album design

Intended Audience:  Everyone

Bechtel: Heavy Haul

“Heavy Haul” Documenting an Engineering Feat

Client: Bechtel and Engineering Partners

Production Objective: A video documenting the tremendous engineering feats that Bechtel professionals manage every day

Intended Audience: Design/Build professionals as well as community members and business partners

Washington Building Congress - Craftsmanship Awards and Hall of Fame Induction

Client: Washington Building Congress

Production Objective: Produce and run series of videos, graphics, and awards presentation for the Craftsmanship Awards and Hall of Fame Induction

Intended Audience:  WBC Craftsmanship Awards attendees

Cayman Islands Board Of Tourism

"International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame" Annual Awards Ceremony and Bio Stories

Production Objective: A documentary series about the legends of the Scuba Diving world.  Using archival footage and interviews to explore the icons of the diving world.

Intended Audience: Museum goers, tourists and general public


“How I Practice” Professional Education Series

Client: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 

Production Objective: Create a series of videos, accessible online, where doctors share best medical practices in order to help disseminate effective means of treatment for various conditions and situations.

Intended Audience: OB/GYN doctors


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