5 Ways Creative Services Haven't Changed Since Mad Men Days

May 14, 2015

1. Brave New Media


Just like in the brave new world of Draper's Madison Ave, today's entertainment and advertising platforms are constantly changing. The creative world must always take risks and keep up their technology savvy to stay ahead of the game. Trade Mad Men's revolutionary cinematic television ads for modern-day ad placement on Vine, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as the new media of productions hosted on Netflix and Hulu, and the recipe is still the same. 



2. Client Relationships Are Key


There's really no such thing as having a "modern approach" to client relationships - the same rules remain today. The dress code may have changed, but putting clients first is still the best policy, and articulating industry know-how in a palatable way is still crucial. You may not always agree, but as a creative expert in your field you can partner with and educate your clients to create the best possible outcome - work you're both proud of that communicates and inspires.


3. Nostalgia is Powerful


Today's smartest productions seem to rely on a mix of new and nostalgic. As sophisticated as we are in our approach, sylisitically, sets are hearkening back to the "Modern" era of the midcentury, whether its a streamlined Draper-esque couch in your favorite sit-com living room or the legions of Wes Anderson fans crowding their computer screens to scope out the latest Prada Ad. And, when it comes to theme, just like in Don Draper's famous "Kodak Carousel" scene, sentiment trumps technology in so much of advertising and programming today.


4. Style Matters


Speaking of cool couches, style still matters, and a terrific office or set design can knock that first impression out of the park. As creative professionals, we still argue over color palettes, fonts, and the right piece of music to get our message across. Clients still seek our professional opinion for creative edge they need to translate their vision. And, just like in the Mad Men days, mediocrity is still the enemy of greatness.

5. It's Still About Telling a Story


Whether you're shooting in HD or celluloid, posting your indie webseries on YouTube or shopping that screenplay to Hollywood heavyweights, the driving force behind most of what we do remains the same: we are driven by storytelling, and at the end of the day, a good story makes it all worth it. 










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