The 5 Movies I'll Watch Before Star Wars Premieres

October 5, 2015

(my 5 reasons to hit the theatre before The Force Awakens)


As the weather gets cooler, there are few things I enjoy more than buying a bar of my favorite fair trade chocolate and a cup of coffee and sneaking them into a good movie. My degree in film and years spent in the industry absolutely inform my love of cinema, but when I'm cozied up in those reclining seats, I just relish being entertained, and willingly leave my disbelief at the door to immerse my imagination in the world presented on the screen. 


Fall marks a time past the summer blockbuster but before the holiday releases, and I'm making a list of the movies I'm excited to see before we all start counting down the days until The Force Awakens arrives in theatres. In the meantime, I'm searching for the perfect thermos (don't tell my local multiplex) and checking out these picks, in order of release date:


1. The Martian


When I first saw the poster for this upcoming Ridley Scott thriller, I instantly projected Matt Damon's evil Interstellar character into it, and I'm sure I'm not alone. But watching the trailer, I'm so jazzed to se another well-made space adventure, and one based on a book framed on actual astrophysics, in the hands of the master of sci-fi suspense!


2. The Walk


I loved the documentary about Philippe Petit and his incredible dream, and I trust Robert Zemeckis to create a beautiful movie full of humanity. I'm skeptical of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's French accent, but his acting never disappoints, and, if all else fails, Charlotte Le Bon is a delight. 


3. Pan


This particular version of the classic tale looks weird, but it might be my kind of weird. I grew up watching Robin Williams finding his identity as Pan in "Hook", (which I'm afraid will always be the wonderful standard to which others are judged) and it will be interesting to see a new interpretation of this story for an entirely new generation. 


4. Suffragette



A cinematic telling of the fight for Women's right to vote, with an incredible cast? Yes! Count me in, Meryl Streep!



5. Spectre




I've saved the best for last: I have been waiting for the next Bond film ever since my first viewing of Skyfall (which I believe I've seen more times than the average 90's 'tween saw Titanic). There is much to look forward to in this installment of the Bond franchise, and I can't wait. 



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