Go, go, GoPro Periscope!

February 12, 2016

A new deal has been struck between Twitter and GoPro that may change the world of live-broadcast streaming for good.  In March 2015, Twitter launched Periscope, a live streaming application that would give anyone in the world access to view your device’s recordings in real time, provided that they have a stable internet connection. GoPro has announced that they will be incorporating the social media giant’s-app Periscope into their Black and Silver Hero4 camera lines.  This new development comes at an exciting time, as Twitter has recently begun incorporating Periscope video streams directly into users’ tweets and timelines.  

Extreme sport users will no doubt be taking advantage of this powerful new feature, made evident by the decision to broadcast the X Games live via Periscope this year.  However, only time will tell if Periscope can branch out and seize hold of a larger market, outside of the world of action seekers.

Consider if you will the following uses for this latest collaboration between GoPro & Periscope:    
— Live streaming all of your corporate events, awards shows, and conferences
— Live looks backstage for events such as The Oscars/Emmys/Golden Globes
— Expansion of Reality TV series’; We could create “The Truman Show” but for REAL
— Military, Surveillance and Security purposes
— Wildlife and Nature coverage
— Documentary Filmmaking and Live News Reporting

We live in a time when information is power, and where access to this information is not simply desired but expected.  As we approach an age where we the people have the power to “Tune-In” at any given moment to any capable device, one thing has become abundantly clear… the prospect of simplifying streaming capabilities for the masses is a thrilling one. 



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