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Client: American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists. 

Project: A series of eLearning modules and public service announcements.

Click here for an inside look of the client deliverables for this contract. 

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The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and Centers for Disease Control and Preventention (CDC) were looking for a new way to better educate women’s health care providers on increasingly important topics like early-onset breast cancer as well as educate the public on the topic of maternal immunization.


Our first contract was to create a two-part Continuing Medical Education (CME)-accredited eLearning Module focused on relaying both new industry knowledge as well as proper up-to-date training regarding the identification of new risks and safety protocols for engaging with patients. Each module was to include a total of 10-20 narrative-based educational videos to guide learners through the course as well as the corresponding written and other interactive media (Quizzes, decision-flow charts, etc). 


Our second contract was to create a series of Public Service Announcements surrounding the benefits of maternal immunizations. In addition to website content, these three one-minute videos are intended to be used as advocacy material for a larger digital outreach campaign on social as well as for other partnering organizations to leverage. 

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As an up-and-coming female Director, PMG’s very own Sallie Keena decided to take the lead on production given a project very near and dear to her heart. 


After our initial pre-production phase was completed, approved, and ready to begin shooting, our Safe Sets™ COVID-certified production team ran a series of 16 successful transmission-free video shoots over the course of 5 months to acquire all of the necessary footage needed to create the eLearning modules. Sallie ensured that our on-set COVID officer took extra precautions by completing a full staff screening, staggering shoot times to reduce on-set traffic, using disposable equipment whenever possible to reduce potential transmission, and ensuring overall socially-distanced practices. 


We then took all of the footage back to the office to start chipping away at. Our graphics and animation team began designing the corresponding ACOG-branded visual aids needed to engage viewers throughout the program; adding a much-needed dimensional layer to the learning experience. Our technical writers also began turning our content outlines into a cohesive storyline that brought viewers along an educational value journey from start to finish.

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We are proud to have completed all project deliverables within the initial implementation timeline and while remaining under budget. We spent a great amount of time and attention to organizing the technical and creative approaches for this contract to ensure a transparent project management experience for both our client and employees. We made sure to keep everyone within the loop on daily tasks, deadlines, and road bumps as well as frequent meetings and approval periods before moving onto each new stage of the project. 

We are passionate about working with organizations like ACOG where our work has a direct impact on the quality of life for individuals all across the nation. Because of our work, care providers will be more aware of implicit biases and trends in the medical industry that negatively affect certain demographics. By completing all three modules, women’s health care providers can earn up to seven College Cognate credits or 7 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits. They will now receive the proper training to effectively treat those in need and help mitigate the horrors of breast cancer one patient at a time. 

Please click this link to access Part 2 of the eModule for yourself and take a look at the final product in action. To hear more about this project, read our feature in the Women In Film and Video Newsletter.

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