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Do You Need a Production Crew, Marketing Team, or Both?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

It’s no secret; whether it’s advertising, content marketing, or entertainment, the media industry is evolving in a massive way.

Walter Biscardi Jr., an accomplished strategic digital storyteller in the industry, caught our eye on LinkedIn when he addressed an increasing issue regarding the common oversight that many employers make when recruiting for “Digital Marketing/Social Media Video Director” roles.

Check it out:

The Mistake

Companies of all industries are now starting to realize the importance of effective content marketing and the results of immersive media in digital strategy. Now, many of these companies are now looking to bring their content marketing in-house in an effort to cut costs.

The issue here is that companies who don’t have much prior experience in digital storytelling and social media marketing lack a tremendous understanding of what the end-to-end process of creating results-driven, insight-backed media assets looks like.

We don’t blame them, with everyday internal business operations taking precedence, we understand how this role can be seen as a secondary responsibility to the company’s overall growth, but it could not be more incorrect...

The Key: Community Building

It is easy to make an announcement about your company on social media. Most people can whip up a graphic with some creative copy these days; or take a selfie video about what is happening in the office that day.

It is hard to build immersive digital experiences with a strategized narrative that shapes company perceptions properly, drives emotion and curiosity, and builds engaging relationships amongst different consumer groups surrounding your brand. This type of performing content requires a collaboration of multiple disciplines to ensure a seamless content piece with a long shelf life that will continue to convert.

What Are You REALLY Looking For?

The first step we always recommend is establishing what your goals are. I know it sounds cliché, but many companies overlook this critical step or even worse, use “drive sales through social media marketing” as their goal.

You can see how an umbrella goal like this can lead to major expectations, project management, and sustainability issues down the line.

Are you looking for larger-size content pieces for your website that explain who you are, showcase a service or product, tell a story, or humanize your company brand? Sounds like you need a production team.

Looking to get eyes on your website video? Develop a content calendar with supplemental organic media assets? Create some paid advertisements to drive traffic to your social media pages? Then you're going to need a social media marketing team.

Don’t Settle for One Piece of the Pie.

We at Puritano Media Group have expanded our team to grow more versatile in our in-house capabilities, turning PMG into the one-stop shop for all of your video marketing needs.

Prepared to take you through every step of your marketing campaign, our production team can get you started with a flawless video for your website, campaign, fundraiser, and more to encompass exactly who you are and what you do.

We then hand it over to our marketing strategists to build out organic content calendars using the leftover unused footage from your first video to create powerful communication on social media to grow your brand awareness.

We have you covered at every step of your marketing campaign. Whether you need strategic planning and goal setting, or execution with flawless video production, don’t settle for just one piece of the pie. For more expert video marketing tips, read how pairing video and social strategy can be a difference-maker for your business.

Contact Us To Get Your Marketing Team.

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