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  • Charlie Puritano

Why Your Business Should Invest in Video Production

Last year, video was the #1 choice of media used in content strategy. In that same vein, 54% of individuals want to see more video content from businesses. These statistics show that film and video content aren’t just efficient, there’s actually a demand for them because the space is growing at an incredible speed. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on most video production, making quality content scarce in a more narrow market. Communicating your business and brand story will make you a frontrunner in your space. This type of content allows your customers to build relationships with you and understand your value proposition. Videos bring a personal touch that images and text just can’t achieve. So why should you invest in film and video production? Because it’s a powerful way to convert leads into customers and increase overall engagement with your brand.

Since 1996, we’ve been creating award-winning productions in films and video. Our exceptional broadcast, corporate programs, conference videos, and safety videos are produced in visual communications such as film, 4K video, HDTV, new media, and social media. Our clients have ranged players of all shapes and sizes from the USPS and the Washington Nationals to Bechtel and USDA APHIS. It’s clear that we have expertise in serving various sectors but also paying close detail to individual intricacies and nuances. We can tell your stories to videos focused on your mission, documentary, testimonials, about us, FAQ, your products in action, educational, and more. With us by your side you’ll definitely captivate potential clients at every step of your business and marketing plan. Most recently, we’ve worked with the Washington Building Congress and Brandstar to capture their stories

in a way that will engage their target audience and generate engagement.

We’ve even adapted our services in order to continue safely shooting during the COVID-19 pandemic. We keep our crew as small as possible and maintain social distancing while coming equipped with masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant surface wipes. We’ve performed over 8 successful video shoots since the shutdown in March.

Our presence on platforms like Clutch helps companies connect with us as they make their B2B buying decisions. This along with our revamped social media and digital marketing strategies have helped us become a frontrunner of the video marketing industry. We’re dedicated to continuously adapting to innovation and the current standards. We take pride in staying ahead of the game and continuing to deliver high-caliber productions to our wonderful partners. If you or someone you know is currently on the lookout for a partner who will bring their business to the next level through film and video, feel free to get in touch with us!

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