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The Situation at Hand 

A non-profit client of ours, Georgetown Ministry Center, was attempting to raise $100,000 for their annual Spirit of Georgetown Campaign. The campaign traditionally consists of a fundraising banquet where legacy donors can enjoy a night of festivities and dinner. Due to the virus,  GMC was unfortunately unable to host their annual banquet, and were looking for a new way to fund their yearly operating budget while still being able to give donors something of value in exchange. 


Our Task

PMG was contracted to make a fundraising video for them that encompassed their event in a way that was immersive, transparent, and enhanced donation propensity. We were also responsible for strategizing and implementing a social media campaign to support the launch of the video and grow the company’s digital footprint in the process. 


Our Approach 

We wanted to frame the narrative of this campaign from the inside out, so we gathered tons of interviews from beneficiaries, volunteers, and board members to showcase the severity of the situation from its core. We then gathered footage from their community outreach events as well as from the facility itself to create a five-minute video where donors could witness the growing need for funding, the effort being made to truly make a difference. and the impact their donation will have first-hand. We then added another layer to the campaign by incorporating a month-long editorial calendar with bite-sized multimedia content. Revamping their brand identity online allowed them to grow their digital footprint and keep their campaign top of mind. 


The End Result

GMC’s 2020 Spirit of Georgetown Event was a massive success as they doubled their initial fundraising goal. GMC loved the results as not only did our video encapsulate the benefits of their services, but our social media campaign also gave GMC a foundational platform for continued digital fundraising success down the road. We were happy to be a part of such a worthwhile cause so close to us. 

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