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There is a rising demand for digital connectivity as remote work reaches an all-time high and is not anticipated to fall back down any time soon. Businesses remain scrambling for innovative ways to keep their employees engaged, increasing both morale and productivity in spite of remaining physically distanced. Virtual events have arisen as one of the most promising ways to replace

in-person events while still keeping the same immersive and engaging environment companies and employers are looking for.


The Situation 


The Washington Building Congress (WBC), a long-term client holds an annual Craftsmanship Award Ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of the District’s most advanced construction projects. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WBC was forced to cancel their highly anticipated ceremony, leaving them searching for an alternative solution to bring their community together and commemorate their most prestigious craftsman.


Task at Hand 


PMG was to create an alternative way to celebrate the

Craftsmanship Award Ceremony from home, while still maintaining the same viewership as past in-person events. 


Our Approach


We worked with WBC to create a recorded broadcast of the digital ceremony. Our team worked diligently by producing a number of socially-distanced interviews from award winners, as well as orchestrating the hour-long ceremony digitally with pre-recorded narration from board members, an interactive nominee slideshow, chat room, and a real-time table of contents for viewers to skip to their desired section. We compiled the event in a  format that was distributed amongst nominees, their family members, peers, and the public with access to the shareable Youtube link for viewers to watch on their own time in the comfort of their own home. 


The End Result


The first-ever WBC Digital Craftsmanship Award Ceremony was a tremendous success; and turned what was originally a last-minute replacement into a new way to conduct community events that brought in more viewership than any past award ceremony. 


Members were thrilled with the results as they were able to celebrate their awards with their entire families and friends in the comfort of their own home as opposed to the traditional “+1” rule at the in-person gala. 


Additionally, because this was a recorded digital event, viewers were able to retain access to the footage and relive the experience whenever they feel so inclined.  


We at Puritano are happy to have been able to successfully take the beloved in-person event and transform it into an immersive digital experience that still delivered the feel of an expensive gala. 

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