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COVID Success Stories: Brittany Rogers Makeup

As COVID-19 remains to be a main factor in the way companies are conducting business and communicating with their customers today, the name of the game, for small businesses specifically, is adaptation.

How do you keep your company afloat during these times? How do you grow the reach of your business in new ways? How do you keep your audience engaged and your brand top of mind when face-to-face contact remains limited?

These are all questions that Brittany Rogers, a makeup artist who's been helping PMG’s clients shine on camera for years, answered as she has worked diligently to position her brand to not only survive but thrive during COVID-19.

Meet Brittany!

Brittany is a ten-year veteran makeup artist who has showcased her talents everywhere from the beauty industry, to film and television.

She has worked numerous bigtime gigs for heavy-hitter brands like Revlon and BMW. She also took her expertise on the set of the Emmy-award winning film, “Riverment.”

Brittany’s love for makeup began when she was a teenager, witnessing a professional makeup artist transform her mother’s face; giving her the confidence to express her inner beauty.

Blended with her early passion for painting, she began practicing makeup on friends and family to hone her craft. Fast forward to her older years, with $600 to her name, Brittany quit her day job and began to pursue her dream as a full-time freelance makeup artist.

The Game Plan

She made the decision to become her own boss back in 2018, starting Brittany Rogers Makeup with the goal of using makeup as a tool to express clients' inner beauty on the outside.

Her blog highlights the ins and outs of the industry, providing tips for aspiring make-up artists; but when the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, Brittany had to throw the traditional playbook out the window and reposition her brad to navigate through the changing business environment.

Adapting for the Better

Brittany revamped her brand to not only survive the pandemic but to thrive and come out even more prosperous. She’s taken her “5 Steps to Freelance” class and turned it into a set of virtual sessions which have been selling out spots regularly.

Demand for Brittany’s content has grown so much that she just recently started the first season of her podcast, Behind the Scenes with Britt, available on both Apple and Spotify. BTS with Britt goes in-depth on her journey to becoming a successful freelancer. Listeners will find tons of tips and tricks, as well as updates on the industry’s latest trends.

Brittany has carved her niche in the beauty industry, acting as a hybrid between a makeup artist and beauty influencer. Her willingness to share the ups and downs of her have humanized her and made her a thought leader for her many listeners and followers.


When it comes to adaptation, being able to remain nimble is incredibly imperative to the ongoing success of a company's brand.

Small businesses and freelancers are able to react to changes in their environment much faster than large companies and corporations. Think of a small speedboat vs a large cruise ship, if there is a giant rock in closing in on you, which vessel is going to be able to change their course faster to avoid it?

If you've watched the Titanic, I'm sure you'll understand.

The Puritano Media Group is very lucky to work with professionals like Brittany. Her perseverance and ability to adapt her business should serve as an example for anyone trying to expand their brand as we move towards a contact-less, post-COVID society.

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