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How Virtual Events Are Reshaping Communication in 2021

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

This prolonged hiatus from on-site work due to COVID-19 has affected almost every facet of the business world, thus transforming the way in which employees communicate internally as well as with their customers.

Telecommuting and remote-work have become the most sustainable option as businesses realize the financial upside of reducing commercial office-space costs while working to maintain internal productivity. The need for seamless peer-to-peer communication however will never cease to be a staple in the organizational and financial buoyancy of any business.

One of the most promising ways that has been deemed effective in transitioning to a post virus economy is the use of virtual events. In fact, the demand for virtual connectivity has only increased as traditional internal communication methods have failed to adapt to a contactless society.

Virtual events have continued to embody forward progression as many executives have found that they translate well when attempting to raise employee morale as well as customer retention online.

Here are some more reasons why virtual events might be the best option when looking to adapt your current operating model.

The Numbers

Virtual events have been all the rave in 2020, as marketers are scratching for ways to keep their network engaged in lieu of in-person events. As we wade deeper into the new COVID-19 world, more and more virtual events are happening nationwide. Whether it be large corporations or small businesses, everyone is taking their events to the web. But don’t just take our word for it. The numbers speak for themselves.

  • In 2020, the number of organizations planning a virtual event doubled. (Wild Apricot, 2020)

  • More than half (60%) of event professionals pivoted an event to virtual due to the impact of COVID-19 (Bizzabo, 2020)

  • The majority (93%) of event professionals plan to invest in virtual events moving forward. (Bizzabo, 2020)

Why You Should be Hosting Virtual Events

Now we’re not saying that if every other business jumps off a bridge that you should too, but there’s some pretty convincing reasons that illustrate why virtual events could be here to stay for a long time.

  • Less Expensive

    • We’re all in the business of saving money. According to Wild Apricot in 2020, 84% of organizations who had already run a virtual event in 2020 reported that they spent less money on virtual events than in-person events.

  • More Flexible

    • Virtual events can be accessed from anywhere, and in some cases, at any time. This makes virtual events much less restrictive than the in-person events we grew to love.

  • Easy to Collect Data

    • Ever tried to get someone to fill out a survey before they leave an event? Yeah… Pretty impossible. Virtual events allow you to either send a follow up email so they can do it on their own time, and some even have a survey feature built in!

Virtual Events in Action

We at PMG realized this paradigm shift early on. We acted quickly to respond to the increasing demand for immersive online connectivity by getting our team Safe Sets certified to ensure a safe on-set environment. During a time where the demand for immersive digital media is at an all time high, the show must go on!

We recently finished a virtual event for long-time client, the Washington Building Congress that was orchestrated to perfection, bringing in almost twice as many attendees as past events in-person events at a fraction of the cost. Check it out here.

If you are thinking about hosting a virtual event for your company, contact Puritano Media Group today through our new website at

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