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The Missing Piece to Your Destination-Marketing Campaign

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

We’re almost there folks. The light at the end of the tunnel is finally coming into frame as the U.S. ramps up it’s vaccine rollout. After spending a year in various stages of lockdowns and quarantines, summer of 2021 is shaping up to be a massive season for travel and tourism.

Various landmark destinations across the U.S. are dumping millions of dollars into their tourism and destination-marketing budgets to convince tourists to visit their slice of paradise. But what if we told you that all the brochures, spreadsheets, magazine cover spots were futile marketing techniques when compared to video? Let’s take a look at how showing, instead of telling, can have a massive impact on your location’s tourism rates.

Why Video?

While a glamorous photo can surely attract tourists to a destination, it doesn’t always paint an accurate picture. Video tells the story of a destination and gives a deeper understanding of the area, allowing travelers to get a concrete idea of where they are visiting before they book. In fact, two out of every three tourists watch videos when weighing their options for a vacation, according to a blog on GuestRevu.

Video as a tool for destination-marketing evokes emotion and forms a connection with the viewer, allowing travelers to finally take the guess-work out of the travel process. However, knowing your marketing team needs video is only one half of the battle...

How to Effectively Market a Location using Video

Let’s be clear here: Buying a fancy video camera and jumping right into content creation might leave you in a deeper hole than you started in. Start first by creating an air-tight video marketing strategy. Map out what locations, shots, and angles will portray your destination in the best possible way.

Put yourself in the position of a clueless traveler, what would you be looking for in a destination marketing video? Here are three proven video-marketing techniques sure to attract tourists to your destination.

  • Attraction Montage

With an abundance of digital content out there today, you’re finding it essential to grab your audience’s attention quickly. The perfect way to do that is with a flashy reel showcasing every possible attraction your location has to offer. This video should feature quick cuts and upbeat music to engage with viewers and make them want to learn more. The goal of this montage is to pique interest and get more eyes on your website or social media outlets.

  • Video Tours

The days of scrolling through photo albums of your hotel are finally coming to an end. Odds are, the changes in camera angles left you more confused than when you began your search. That’s why more and more companies are utilizing virtual tours. According to a blog published on, Customers aged 18 to 34 are 130% more likely to book a trip to a location if it has a virtual tour. A video tour is the perfect way to show prospective tourists EXACTLY what they’re getting.

  • Aerial Drone Footage

No matter the location, nothing catches the eye like cinematically produced aerial footage. Drone footage is slowly but surely moving into the mainstream as people realize the ROI on drone footage. An article on expects the commercial drone market to reach a value of over $60 billion by 2025. Industries such as real estate and construction have been enjoying the benefits of drone footage for a few years now, and it’s only a matter of time before drones become a staple in the tourism industry.


As the world finally returns back to normal and the tourism industry poised to be revitalized, now is the perfect time to sharpen your destination-marketing campaign with video production. With these tips, and just a little touch of creativity and inspiration, you can create visually appealing content that will have your target audience rushing to your destination.

The best way to bolster your destination-marketing strategy is to have a recognizable brand architecture. Read our blog, “5 Things You Need to Know to Establish a Winning Brand in 2021,” for more tips from your favorite video production company.

The Missing Piece to Your Destination-Marketing Campaign

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