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PMG TEAM PROFILE: Meet Lindsay Maisel!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Let's meet Lindsay, our Senior Instructional Designer!

She hails from Vail, Colorado and can be found on any given day in Costa Rica, Rangoon, Mexico City or perhaps in the exotic Occoquan, Virginia. With a background in mechanical engineering and business management, Lindsay has been developing elearning courses for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies for over 10 years. She cut her teeth with Accenture in the management consulting sector with an emphasis in creative learning design. Agile development is her forté, being able to break down complex concepts into smaller ideas, while leveraging advanced programming skills. Lindsay has created new product launches, employee onboarding, medical translation training and various manufacturing skill enhancement projects. Recently Lindsay and the PMG team have been designing a large elearning course for oncology medical professionals that will be certified to provide CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits. The project will contain around 30 videos and interactive charts and will provide several hours of educational content.

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