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Stop Making Video Content!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Not what you would expect to hear from a video production company right? The truth is, the internet is quickly becoming overloaded with video content. From lengthier videos on Youtube to the Renaissance of the short, snappy style brought on by TikTok and Instagram, everyone is finally realizing the power of video. So why stop making content?

Well, we don’t really want you to stop altogether. But we think a lot of companies could benefit from pumping the brakes on production, and focusing more attention on video strategy first. The success of your video is massively dependent on the time and effort you put into the planning behind the video. We call this phase: Pre-Production.

Pre-Production by the Pros

Pre-production is a pretty simple term for a phase that can cover a myriad of different tasks. Preparing to shoot your perfect video involves everything from creating storyboards and securing locations, up to script-writing and hiring actors. The easiest way to get the wheels off of the ground is to ask yourself two very simple, yet essential questions.

1. What is my overarching message that will anchor the video?

  1. First things first, solidifying your overall message is an essential first step in creating a powerful, salient video campaign. If your video doesn’t make your overall message abundantly clear, then your pre-production strategy could use some adjustments. How do you want the audience to think/act after seeing your video? What is the call to action?

  2. A strong message makes a strong video. Have a brainstorm session with your team and start putting the pen to paper to see what feels right! Once your messaging strategy is fleshed out, you’ll have an anchor for your video that will keep your production on-message.

2. How will I make my video stand out from the endless abyss of video content on the internet?

  1. Research, research, and more research. Lucky for you, this kind of research is just sitting on your couch watching videos online (you were probably going to do it anyway). Notice which videos catch your attention, and begin dissecting which aspect of them make them catchy.

  2. Go against the grain. A great way to make your video salient is to catch the audience off-guard or say something unexpected.

If you can’t answer these simple questions, you’re not ready to roll the tape just yet. A great video is only as strong as its foundation, and skipping the hard work could land you with a sub-par final product.


Just to make things clear, we don’t want you to stop video production altogether. We’ve just seen a flood of new content over the past few years, and it’s easy to tell who focused on pre-production, and who simply picked up a camera and got started. Make a video that stands out by locking down your pre-production strategy.

Got an idea, but struggling to figure out how to bring it to life on camera? Get in touch with us! As a full-service video production agency, PMG has you covered from pre-production all the way until the final cut. For an example of the benefits of pre-production planning, be sure to read our blog about how you can Boost Your Social Media Presence with Video.

Stop Making Video Content!

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