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Let’s meet Maya Elby, our incredibly talented Production Specialist! Maya was born and raised in Northern Virginia and got a kick start in the production industry at age fourteen when she attended a film camp in Annapolis, Maryland. Through attending this camp, Maya was able to connect and work with industry professionals from a young age. Since then, she has worked on production sets for Corona, Nike, and Under Armour. For PMG, she has been working as a production manager and editor on a gynecological cancer series for the CDC. She was also an assistant director for a feature film and has produced multiple music videos. Producer Sherwyn Santos says this about Maya: “Maya is one of the hardest working and caring producers I’ve had the pleasure to work with! Her passion for the craft of filmmaking and the care she has for every crew member makes her one of the strongest producers I know!” Maya’s favorite film is the Princess Bride and she loves her cat Big Mac. She hopes to further her broad range of experience through working on more feature films in the future. Learn about the other PMG team members by clicking on their photo here

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