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  • Nate Rivi

Finding Your Niche to Create an Authentic Following

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Nowadays, it seems every business claims that they can do it all. Everyone is broadening their business as much as possible in the hopes of driving more sales. But what if trying to be a jack of all trades is really spreading yourself and your business too thin, and taking away the x-factor of your business that brought in clients in the first place? We are talking about your niche, and for any of you still out of the loop, a niche is your sweet spot in a crowded marketplace; your specialized segment.

Let’s talk about why staying true to your niche is so important for your brand these days.


Your niche is important because it's where your most authentic work stems from. When your concentration is centralized on proving the best possible solution for one exact need, your value proposition carries much more weight in the eyes of the consumer. Simply put, the best work always comes from people who are passionate about what they do. When your intrinsic goals can be met by doing the work you do, you can build a community that resonates with your brand at a much deeper level.

The Impact of a Niche

Take art for example, an incredibly broad industry with billions of people wanting to stand out from the pack. They do this by specializing their craft to one specific segment of artistry, whether it be painting, sculpting, or something even more unique...

Which brings us to our friend, Bennett DeOlazo (@baker.bennett on Instagram), a self-taught baker, is turning loaves of sourdough bread into beautifully designed (and delicious) pieces of art. He has built a strong community of followers and has used his influence to promote many of the tools he uses himself to create his bread art.

Bennett’s Instagram continues to grow exponentially but it’s the engagement of the page that truly represents how close-knit and present the community he built is.

"My brand is the intersection of my passions for cooking, design, and education. I receive dozens of requests weekly for baking and design advice, as well as tags when followers try out one of my designs. By keeping posts intentionally conversational, and by responding to as many comments as possible, my brand aims to increase audience engagement and trust," Bennett said of his growing social media presence.

His page exudes authenticity and cannot be imitated easily. By finding his niche, Bennett is able to create a wholesome brand with content that drives audience engagement organically.


A strong and solid community does not have to be a tremendously large one; more does not always equal better.

Specializing your business and finding your niche is a great way to cut through the noise of a crowded marketplace and have meaningful interactions with those who appreciate it most. You need only look as far as our friend Bennett for proof that working for your own intrinsic rewards will resonate with your audience and build loyalty in the long run.

If you're going to hunker down and establish yourself as a trustworthy authority in your segmented marketplace, building a personality that customers will resonate with and listen to is your first step. To ensure this, it is imperative to your strategy that you are able to physically show them how you add value, not just tell them.

At PMG, we believe there is no better way to showcase the personality of your brand than with high-grade immersive marketing videos that drive results.

Check out our recent case studies to see how we leverage top-notch video production to add a layer of personality to your brand online, and call our office for your video production needs.

Finding Your Niche to Create an Authentic Following


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